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Week 7 – Positive Positive Positive

Wow…and I thought I was a positive person! Started the 7 days mental diet Monday…and I started again every day since. But today Wednesday I promise myself I am succeeding! That’s it. I just love it. I love that we take the time to think of our futur self and the laws of the mind. I use to be so hard on myself. But now instead of just being mad at myself for not succeeding, I take the time to observe the situation. So every time I have a negative thought, I think of what I should have thing instead and I start the 7 days again knowing that I will succeed. For about 15 minutes I completely forgot about all this when a friend called me to complain about something. I started complaining also and i got really mad about the subject. We told each other that it was nice and felt great to talk about it.

Oh so I thought, it actually ruined my evening.  After I hung up with her, I was depress and I had a terrible evening. Before maybe I would have not notice and just think I was having a bad day but now I know it has to do with the fact that I was being negative.

I know I still have lots of work to do to change my old blueprint because I can feel it resisting often. But I know if I continue doing the exercice and believe it is on progress right now, that I will have everything I wrote in my DMP.

About the shapes, I smile every time I see all the shapes and colors. Is it me or now I see it EVERYWHERE. It’s crazy. Even green triangles, it is everywhere. Before not so much. ahah

When I take the subway, people must think I am crazy because i have a constant smile on my face because I see the color shapes. Seeing it made me realize that I need to believe 100% in the process which I did not for the first 4-5 weeks of the course. Now I am 100% in!

I am even thinking of writing a daily journal to my futur self! What are you guys thinking about that?


Week 6 – Being the Observer

Week 6 was still in a lot of self discovery but I  am heading in the right direction. I realized that if I skip a reading or if I don’t do my homework like I am suppose to on the Tuesday like I scheduled, I don’t feel good about it. It just keep coming back in my mind.


I am feeling the change. Little by little. I am more and more the Observer. When I say more and more I mean almost every second of the day. Every time I pose and action, I take the time to acknowledge what I just did. At that moment it might not be the best thing that I did (like giving my opinion!) but because I am the Observer I realized right away what I did and I think of how I should have handled it differently and it feels amazing!!

It’s completely an other way of dealing with stuff and getting better at life.


I decided to write my goals for the week.

1-Do all the readings, 3x a day without exception

2- Believe in myself 100%

3- Really focus on getting better at my 15 minutes of sitting still

4- Focusing even more to notice colors and shapes

Those four are really important for me so I can move in the right direction.  So I will make it  a mission this week to succeed at it and to stick with it. I want to feel proud of myself at succeeding at what I said I would do.



I feel like this week will be my best week so far!! I am really excited about it and can’t wait to see what it will bring me and people around me.








Week 5 – Roller coaster

This week was interesting. Lots of doubt, of taking a few steps back. I started thinking that why would all this work would give something if in the past, I did so many different types of courses and no one worked out.

I started thinking it was me. That maybe it would not work for me. I also know that I believed what I read, that it’s from within and that we can achieve everything we put our mind into but now I was trying to think on how it can really happen instead of focusing on the process which is the work into MKMMA.

I got very down and not very proud of myself because I was so happy to do all the work, but now I felt like I was back in my old blueprint. The one that doesn’t achieve anything and the one that doesn’t finish what it starts.

So I decided to write to my guide and we scheduled at Zoom call. It felt really good because I realize that it’s normal that during the time of the course I will go through a roller coaster of emotions, but that I always need to keep in my mind that it is my old blueprint talking.

So I will keep going, not quit and pay for the 2017 MKMMA class.


Week 4 – On it!

I am proud of myself because I finally put everything in my schedule and I feel like I am sticking to it! Because Mark put Adam’s blog in Sunday’s webinar, I saw he was doing by putting all his MKMMA homework as a checklist on a big white board and I thought it was so simple and genius. I did it the same day and guess what? Since we started the class I now do everything that has to be done and it feels great.

Something that really hit me Sunday was when the fabulous Davene said at week 4 everyone quit: Either you quit the course or you quit giving your 70%. Wow wow wow, that was huge for me. I was so giving only my 70%. Not because I didn’t believe in the power of doing the exercices, but because I was listening to my old blueprint telling me I was too tired, or that I could do it the next day. So thank you Davene! That was a big one for me.

As for the index cards, the things I wrote on it that I needed to do before the following Sunday it’s really working AND it’s working not only for that week but I am sticking to it every week. Very happy about that.

For the rest I don’t see changes, but I do take the time to realize more (like every minute) my thoughts and if they are positive or negative. I take more the time to try to control my mind and I think that might me a very good thing. Because I still struggle with the 15 minutes, so I know if I still struggle, it’s because I need to work on my mind.

Last thing, I love that we write on each other’s blog and I love the Alliance part.





Week 3 – Discipline

The two last weeks have been really interested. I realized a lot of things about me that I already knew, but now it is more clear. For me the sitting still and the 3x a day readings are really hard. Mornings are easy but, lunch and night time harder. But, very soon, as of this week, I know it will be integrated in my routine. As for the blog, it’s pretty easy because I put it in my schedule that every Tuesday after work I do it. So I am very proud of myself because in 3 weeks I did not skip the blog once, forget or said I would do it later. I L.O.V.E that we took off the word WILL in the book. I relate much more to it and I feel much more emotional when I read it then before. It just sounds better. As for my DMP, I wrote it, rewrote it and read it, but it doesn’t feel right, it. I know it needs more work. If I could give one tip to next year student is this: Just block your Sunday evening for MKMMA. Don’t plan anything after with anyone. I told myself I would do the homework on the Tuesday but I really feel like it would be more efficient to do it right after the webinar on Sunday. So that’s it for the first weeks, just putting everything in place so I get the best out of this course and can help others after doing it.

Week 2 – Getting organized

The first week went pretty well. I still feel overwhelmed by putting all the readings in place 3x a day but I am getting there. I know it’s my mind telling me it’s a lot but I know I can change it and that it’s all worth it. As for the homework I blocked a time in my schedule for it. Every Tuesday it’s my MKMMA afternoon. It is so much better to do it this way. It takes off a lot of stress on me.

Discipline is really the key in this course and for me it’s a big challenge. I arrive in a point in my life and my business that something needs to change, something big. So I know this work is all worth it.

I really like the fact that for each week there is a shorter video that explain a specific point in details. Like for this week with the cards. It was very helpful. Also, I really like the Alliance part of the website. A few times my question was already answered at that place.

So far so good and I will continue to improve daily on my discipline.

Week 1 – Why MKMMA


Wow did I not know my life would would turned out like this. Almost 10 years ago I quit what people consider a ”good” j.o.b. Great salary, good company, possibility to grow in the company. I quit because I did not feel that was it. Being for the next 40 years of my life, working like a robot the 9 to 5. Two weeks vacations a year an the third one ten years after. I was ready to work hard but for something much bigger then this. Little did I know that by quitting my job I would end up in a network marketing company.

The day I quit I went back to work as a waitress and as I did my taxes report at the end of the year, I realized my salary was half of what I used to make in my previous job. But I didn’t care, literally, because I knew something bigger and amazing was coming my way.

Four years after quitting my job, I was introduced to Arbonne. Right away I saw how genius it was and I joined. I really saw what it could bring me and people around me..I thought people would see it also but, I was really surprised when people started reacting negatively.

I was focusing anyway. It’s been three years since, almost four and I never looked back. Despite the struggles, the ups and the downs, I know I am on the right path. This is why I decided to join the MKMMA course. Something is blocking me and I know it’s something way bigger than just being consistent and believing, like they say in MLM.

I have been scared in the last few years because even thought I was working hard on my business I couldn’t manage to succeed. So I need to understand something, I need to understand myself in order to succeed. It all makes sense now.

The MKMMA course will help me with my discipline, my self confidence and will show me as I do the work that I can succeed in whatever I want. Because of all the h0me works/requirements, I will now have a strong schedule in place, written down and it will help me to grow because I will implement this in my business and in my life. My biggest problem is the fact that I am all over the place,  even if I work so hard to be discipline and in order, I don’t know why, but it keeps always coming back to the initial problem which is not being able to move forward because those things are blocking me.

I really believe it will help me and changed me and I am ready to pay-it forward also. I love this concept.



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